Orit Ivshin - jewelry designer

In the year 1999, after graduating from the “Bezalel academy of arts and design”, my partner, Giora, and I, Orit, started the “Ivshin Jewellery Design” studio. The studio is located in Neve Tzedek, a magical neighborhood on the seashore of the Mediterranean Sea, a perfect setting for the studios design style, contemporary gold jewellery that combines traditional goldsmithing techniques and the 21th century innovative approach.

In the studio we design and manufacture unique gold jewels that combine the old and the new with exclusive precision and a soft, clean design.

One of my greatest joys as a designer is being a part of a happy occasion in your life, to create objects that their value is personal and meaningful. “Real” jewellery, ones made of gold and precious gemstones, always have and probably will always have, a monetary value. It’s expensive. But its real value is the reason why it was bought, we buy jewellery as gifts and souvenirs, jewellery is given when people wish to note a special, happy occasion. For that reason, the moment the jewel is worn, it almost loses its entire “actual” value and transforms into “an object of love”- this could be self-love or someone else’s love to you. The jewel becomes a meaningful item, a way to remember a landmark in our lives.

An object that its life span is far greater than ours, one that goes through life with us, when being passed between mothers to daughters, grandmothers to grandchildren, lovers and their loved ones.