Terms and Conditions

Jewelry made by the “Ivshin Jewellery Design” studio are handmade using unique, one of a kind gemstones, therefore there might be slight differences in color and shape.

Estimated delivery time is up to 14 business days after receiving payment approval.

A tracking number will be sent to you when the package is shipped.

Local tax regulations might charge different tax fees for Jewelry imported from Israel.

These additional fees will be paid by the customer and are not a cause for transaction cancellation. We recommend researching said fees.

We have a limited ability to answer questions in this matter.


The “Ivshin Jewellery Design” studio appreciates personal, private relationships with our customers. 

We would be happy to answer any question, problem or fulfill a dream. 

Don’t be shy, contact us.


exchanges will be possible up to 30 business days since receiving the item. You can exchange the item, or recieve unlimited time store credit.

For any exchanges contact us via whatsapp- 0543034327 or Mail- orit@oritivshin.com

Shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.